Serving wine - getting the temperature right

Getting the temperature right is important. The same wine will smell and taste very different depending on its serving temperature. The tradition of serving all whites straight from the fridge and reds at room temperature may lead to wines not being enjoyed to their full potential. Sparkling wines are best served very cold, around 6 to 8?C. This helps control the mousse while serving. Light table whites benefit from a cool serving temperature around 9?C Serving cooler than this may inhibit the delicate fruit characters in the wine. Fuller bodied whites such as chardonnay and viognier can be served slightly warmer at around 11?C as this allows the textural component of the wine to be appreciated. Making an ice bucket available when serving white wines during summer will enable the wine to be chilled if it warms too much. Reds should be treated quite differently to ensure the wine does not taste syrupy or too alcoholic. If the wine is cellared properly, it will likely be close to ideal serving temperature straight from the cellar. Light to medium bodied reds such as merlot and sangiovese should be served between 14 to 16?C while full bodied reds such as shiraz and cab sauv can be served at the upper end of the temperature scale at 16 to 18?C. If your cellaring conditions lead to your Casino Dkaplan reds being stored at higher than these temperatures, then a short burst in the fridge or ice bucket will bring them back down to a more enjoyable temperature.