Art Ploughed Into The Earth

Long neck turtles are the totem/symbol of artist, Ross A. Morgan’s clan group/tribe, Yorta Yorta. This animal is protected and can’t be eaten by tribe members. The turtles in the painting represent Ross’ ancestors now in the dreamtime.

The 2013 SheppARTon Festival theme ‘Emerging Voices’ pays tribute to the traditional custodians of the Goulburn Valley and tells the story of ‘Bayaderra’, the Long Neck Turtle, a creature of perseverance and the totem of the Yorta Yorta Aboriginal Nation. The turtle also represents a welcoming spirit to those who have travelled hard journeys to emerge from their burden with a free voice.

Richard ploughed this magnificent Long Neck Turtle into the earth below the Tallis Wine Cellar Door in preparation for the multicultural Emerging Voices Community Performance event by the SheppARTon Festival from 5.30pm Saturday 9th March 2013.

Visit the Shepparton Festival website or Facebook page for more details on this free family event.You won't want to miss it.