Autumn ... a time of change at Tallis Wine

This autumn is a great time of year to be at Tallis Wine. Not only for the changing colours of the season, but to experience the changes that have swept through our winery. Like many small businesses Tallis Wines' humble beginnings had our small team squeezed into Richard and Alice's home office. After several years of invading each others personal space we have finally graduated to our new office. A large crane unloaded the "donger" (yes really) a couple of weeks ago and we loving our spaceous new surrounds, all of which is organised and labelled to within an inch of its life due to our neatness freak, aka T2 (Tanya C). And .... now we only have to touch if we really want to. Another significant milestone is that after six long years, Richard and I have finally graduated from our winemaking degrees, for which everyone around us is thankful, particularly our significant others, Alice and James. Thanks for being so patient with us. Now we are back in the land of the living, enjoying flaunting our achievement and its entitlements, some of the most lucrative being the corner spaces in the new office with north easterly views over the vineyard. If you thought the wines were good previously, wait until you see what we are capable of now!!!