Growing up ... our look has changed

[gallery]Tallis Wine is growing up but that doesn’t mean we’ll be changing on the inside. Sometimes we just gain wisdom and a better understanding of who we are. We become more comfortable in our own skin. Other times we catch sight of ourselves in the mirror and wonder why we haven’t changed our hair style for over 10 years – does it still suit us?

When Tallis Wine was established back in 2000 we were young, enthusiastic and wanted to show the world what we were made of. We wore our heart on our sleeve and our label reflected that – we essentially crammed every little bit of ourselves on the label and we were proud of it. Heading towards our teenage years though we realise we have evolved. We are more proud than ever of our rich red Dookie dirt, how it characterises our wines, and our determination to tread lightly in the winery and on the environment. But what has changed is that we no longer feel the need to shout it.

After much consideration and nail biting we decided the Dookie Hills label was due for a makeover to symbolise Tallis Wine today. Our graphic designer, Siri, did an amazing job capturing the values of Tallis Wine perfectly with a handmade, organic design. The circular T at the centre of the label is the Tallis symbol based on an agricultural rune meaning regeneration which is our commitment to the online casinos vineyard. In fact the T has so much personality we also think it looks a little like Alice with her hands on her hips keeping watch over Dick making the wines. The colours reflect our beautiful rich red Dookie dirt.

We hope you like where Tallis Wine is headed and the expression of this with our new label.