Now the fun begins

We start vintage at Tallis next Friday with our Riesling first in line to be picked. Being a delicate and aromatic grape variety we will hand-pick the grapes to avoid breaking the skins and get them into the winery for pressing asap. A week or so later will be picking our shiraz, viognier and sangiovese. We pick the shiraz in separate parcels of fruit, selected from particular blocks in the vineyard to achieve our desired style for the Silent Showman and Dookie Hills wines.

So it's busy times ahead with a flurry of activity as grapes flood into the winery, ferments bubble away and the winery is filled with heady aromas of fermenting grapes. It also happens to be the most exciting time of year as we begin the cycle which helps us create our future wines. We will bring small batches of our ferments to display up at the Cellar Door so be sure to visit over the next couple of weeks.