Showing some love to our 2013 Shiraz ferment

We hand-pick the Shiraz for our Silent Showman wines in small parcels of fruit from targeted blocks in the vineyard and at various degrees of ripeness to achieve the desired qualities in our wines. After gently crushing the grapes we transfer them into open vats, add some yeast and a few other goodies to let the fun begin.

The skins from the fermentation rise to the top of the vat above the fermenting juice so several times a day we manually push the cap of skins back into the juice. This can be done a variety of different ways however at Tallis we like to show our grapes and ferments some love by getting down and dirty in the ferment.  Click on the link below to see the two Tanya"s up to their elbows in red must as we nurture our ferments into producing a sensational wine.