The spirit of Christmas

Christmas …. the time of year when a long lazy summer stretches out ahead of us. When we spend time with family and friends, eating, drinking and reminiscing about the year gone by. When we fire up the barbecue and dine alfresco late into the evening. The scent of aeroguard and sunscreen, and the noise of cicadas humming in the background takes us back to our childhood. What does Christmas mean to you? We asked this question around the Tallis Wine office and here are some of the responses we got.

As Christmas looms I am rattled to the core at the thought of what must be done by the 25th. Throw in concerts, parties, birthdays (my two daughter's) and a sudden new project... you get the picture. Once I have waded my way through the jobs and have sorted out the gifts, my focus shifts to the menu and who I will be sharing my latest edible creations with - I begin to feel the joy coming on. As the big day approaches there are those rare quiet moments when all the Christmas lights are on, the scented candles burning, pressies all wrapped and labelled under the decorated tree, Frank crooning some carols (Sinatra that is - the cheesier the better) sitting on the mozzie protected verandah with my family around me, sipping a little something under the huge summer night skies and it all feels 'perfect'. This is what I define as the 'magic of Christmas' and I want it to last for as long as possible. Tanya C

Christmas is an opportunity to spoil family and friends, and just spend time together. Steph

I love Christmas ..... the joy on the faces of children on Christmas morning, coming together with friends and family, the beautiful food and wine, and the chance to slow down. Christmas is the day we can all be kids again, and get caught up in the excitment and festivities. And to top it all off, we have January and a month of holidays ahead to really wind down, have fun and then make plans for the new year ahead. Tanya B

Thank you to our loyal friends of Tallis Wine for all your tremendous feedback and support throughout the year. We hope you find some lovely Tallis Wine in your stocking on Christmas morning!

Merry Christmas from Richard & Alice Tallis and the Tallis Wine Team