Riesling .. a crisp new white at Tallis Wine

[gallery]One grape variety that is very dear to our hearts is Riesling, a white grape variety which originated in the Rhine region of Germany. Upon hearing of our love of this classic grape variety Scott Feldtmann, our Consultant Viticulturalist, won many hearts in the Tallis office by placing an order for 200 Riesling plants. Scott selected two Riesling clones for our vineyard, one German and another sourced from South Australia to create complexity in our wine. He also made sure there was no going back by having the cordon arms (basically the top part of the vine) sawn off a couple of rows of shiraz vines in readiness for grafting.

Last week the Riesling buds were top-grafted onto the vines and all going well, will start shooting over the next couple of months. This growing season we will train the vines, and have our first Riesling harvest the following vintage in 2012. We can already taste the apple and lime blossom.

Cheers, Tanya