Tallis Wine staff picks



Tanya Caruana Aka: T2, TC, Ninety nine, Sporty!

Official title: Business Operations

What she does: T2 pretty much keeps us in order, writes office procedures in her sleep and ensures anything that can move in the office has a label and a home.

Favourite Tallis Wine: Dookie Hills Viognier 2007

Why: I think the Viognier is stunning when I’m drinking it chilled with spicy takeaway noodles (the ones that come in a box), preferably on a Friday night with friends. I always have a bottle on the go in the fridge.

What do you eat it with: My family’s current favorite meal request is Gnocchi Livorno – I have never online casino actually had a recipe for this I ate it once in a restaurant and created it myself! You can find the recipe in the recipes page of the blog.


Andrea Graham Aka: Ang, The Stunning Redhead!

Official title: Sales and memberships

What she does: Andrea does a superb job keeping in touch with our Tallisman members. She also packs up and sends your wine orders ensuring they arrive in tip top condition.

Favourite Tallis Wine: Shugg’s Folly Sparkling Viognier

Why: Alex & I just love to sit on our verandah with a bottle of the Shugg’s Folly. The paddocks we overlook change throughout the year but we enjoy the sparkling all year round. Summer is the best when the bottle has been sitting on ice. Oh the flavour is devine.

What do you eat it with: A platter of anti-pasto as we watch the world go by. Have you tried it with native hibiscus flowers in the glass? That’s a treat. We devoured many of these celebrating my mother’s 70th birthday. I can’t wait to take this wine to Brazil in October to celebrate my brother’s wedding.