Warming winters at Tallis

The cold weather is upon us. The vines have shed their autumn foliage and are are bedding down for the next few months to withstand the winter chill.

Up at the cellar door its a different story, the fires are burning, it's warm and cosy and mulled wine is now on offer! The newly planted crops are pushing their green heads through the Dookie dirt and the landscape is changing to a lush green. Every week the country side looks different and on a clear day you can even see the snow capped peaks of Mt Buller. It is a wonderful sight to watch a storm roll in over the hills through the windows of the cellar door or even better on a still winter's day to sit on our verandah wrapped in a blanket in front of the fire enjoying a regional platter and a glass of red.

We are open every Friday, Saturday & Sunday 11am to 5pm and remember the cellar door is also available for private bookings any night of the week all through winter. What's not to love about wine education and wine tasting at a business event or social gathering? Or you are welcome to just use the space and drink the wine, bring your own catering in or talk to us about our popular offerings. For more information contact our cellar door manager Susan on 0437 825 547

Now the fun begins

We start vintage at Tallis next Friday with our Riesling first in line to be picked. Being a delicate and aromatic grape variety we will hand-pick the grapes to avoid breaking the skins and get them into the winery for pressing asap. A week or so later will be picking our shiraz, viognier and sangiovese. We pick the shiraz in separate parcels of fruit, selected from particular blocks in the vineyard to achieve our desired style for the Silent Showman and Dookie Hills wines.

So it's busy times ahead with a flurry of activity as grapes flood into the winery, ferments bubble away and the winery is filled with heady aromas of fermenting grapes. It also happens to be the most exciting time of year as we begin the cycle which helps us create our future wines. We will bring small batches of our ferments to display up at the Cellar Door so be sure to visit over the next couple of weeks.

The fresh faced new wine at Tallis


Like many wine lovers our hearts have been stolen by Riesling, and last Thursday we hand-picked our first serious harvest. We picked at a low baume which is an indication of the grape's sugar level, so the finished wine will be quite low in alcohol with citrusy fruit characters, and naturally acidity. Being an aromatic grape variety, we wanted to preserve the delicate aromas and flavours typical of Riesling so the clarified juice is being fermented at a very low temperatures over an extended period. We are looking to make a crisp, fresh, zesty style with lemon, lime and floral characters which will be superb with seafood, salads and spicy food or simply a wonderfully refreshing drink on its own.