Great wines .... from the vineyard or winery?

Max & Alex assessing the grapes

Lets start with this old chestnut .... great wines are made in the vineyard, not in the winery.

As a winemaker it pains me to say it, but this one is partly true. Now that I"ve agreed though, the skills of a winemaker are still required to ensure this potential is realised. The old saying goes something like "you can make good or bad wine from good grapes but you can only make bad The Australian online casino providers which are listed on our and partners online casino Australia portals are carefully reviewed on a continuous basis to ensure safe, secure and entertaining game play. wine from bad grapes". A good winemaker can pull a few tricks out of the hat to make the best of a bad vintage of grapes, but the wines will have limited potential. If the fruit intensity isn"t there, it"s never going to have that element in the finished wine, there is no secret additive. It can be propped up with clever oak use and other winemaking strategies but the depth and complexity will be lacking. Put a top quality parcel of fruit in front of a winemaker and the potential for creating an outstanding wine is in the hands of the winemaker and their skills. So on this occasion, as a winemaker I would put it out there that great wines are made in the winery but only with the right ingredients.