A taste of Spring with Tallis Wine


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Celebrate Spring

Join us for a Wine Lovers Weekend Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th September 2011. Celebrate the arrival of Spring with Tallis Wine as we throw open our doors and invite you to join us for a weekend of warm hospitality, beautiful food and of course some of your favourite wines.

Meet the Winemakers

Step into the winery to learn the tricks of the trade. Join us for a barrel tasting and mini wine education session including wine and cheese tasting.

When: Saturday 10th September at 1pm Where: Tallis Wine Barrel Hall. Cost: Free event.

Tallis & Teller Witty Wine Challenge Dinner

Tallis joins with Hatted restaurant Teller in Shepparton for a night of stunning regional food, matched with delicious wines. For a chance to flaunt your wine knowledge participate in The Witty Wine Challenge.

When: Saturday 10th September at 6.45 for 7pm start Where: The Teller Vault - Fryers Street Shepparton Cost: Tallisman members $80 per person; Non members $90 per person

Picnic in the Paddock

Tallisman members and their guests are invited to gather for a Picnic in the Paddock at the Tallis Wine property Boorinda, Dookie. Enjoy a hearty country lunch on the hillside with panoramic views of the Strathbogie Ranges. Feast on regional food and wine, relax and be entertained by local musicians. Bring a picnic rug or comfy chair and spend an afternoon in the company of friends and the Tallis Wine Team.

When: Sunday 11th September at 12 noon Where: Tallis Wine property Boorinda, Dookie Cost: Tallisman Members and their guests exclusive event $40 (lunch & wine) per person

Bookings for all events are essential and tickets to Saturday night"s dinner are limited. RSVP 31st August (Payment will guarantee booking)

Three stars for Tallis Dookie Hills Viognier 2010

In the Winestate Magazine Central & Western Victoria tasting recently our 2010 Viognier was awarded 3 stars. Apricot and pineapple aromas meet honeysuckle and green pear on the palate of this wine. A hint of barrel-fermented nuttiness adds complexity and palate weight kept in check by crisp acidity.

Fabulous on its own or wonderful with seafood and summer salads. Call us now on 03 5823 5383 to have this stunning wine on your festive table this Christmas.

Journal of a winemaker

Tanya B (T1) Winemaker Richard Tallis (Dicky) - Winemaker

10th June 2009

Richard and I are currently working on the new blends for our Dookie Hills Merlot and Sangiovese and the Silent Showman Shiraz. These wines sold like hotcakes last year and the Merlot and Shiraz are all but sold out so we are working hard to get the next vintages blended, bottled and back in stock. The blend components are all looking really good. The 2007 Dookie Hills Merlot is inky purple in colour yet again, it seems our vineyard and climate really suits this variety. The palate has lots of lush plum and berry fruit characters similar to the ’06, which should please the devotees of the previous vintage.

The 2007 Sangiovese is also showing great intensity of colour which we expected as a consequence of the low yielding harvest. As we use only older French oak for our Sangiovese, the wine shows little oak influence and the savoury fruit characters and earthiness are dominant. The 2007 has some lovely firm, almost chewy tannins which make this variety so enjoyable.

The Silent Showman range is only produced if each vintage is worthy and we are more than happy with our ’07 Shiraz components meaning the next blend of this wine is underway. Those familiar with the 2006 vintage would remember the mocha characters in this wine, which are attributed to a parcel of the wine going though barrel fermentation. We will use a barrel fermented component in the 2007 blend along with selected fruitier components for balance. When the blends are finalised and bottled, we will announce the releases via the blog so those who have been awaiting the new vintages can finally get their hands on them.

11th May 2009

Whenever we have visitors to the winery, they are nearly always fascinated with what goes on in the winemaking process to achieve the finished wine. Most are surprised that there is so much science behind it all, and while you may not be interested in all the chemical reactions you might like to hear a little of what we do each week.

It is post vintage at Tallis Wine and all of our wines from the 2009 harvest have completed primary fermentation and are tucked away nicely in barrel. The wines have been inoculated with lactic acid bacteria (LAB), which leads to malolactic fermentation (MLF). MLF converts malic acid, a harsh acid to lactic acid, a far softer and more palatable acid. Wine may commence MLF as a consequence of naturally occurring LAB which can be found in the winery however some strains of LAB lead to the production of undesirable flavours. The preferred method is to inoculate the wine with Oenococcus oeni, a strain of lactic acid bacteria which produces attractive flavours. All of our red wines go through MLF and while some whites, particularly chardonnay, benefit from this chemical reactio. We put a small parcel of our viognier through MLF to inject a little complexity to the wine.

Our preservative free wine has finished primary fermentation and is now in barrel. It has been inoculated with an LAB culture and is currently chugging along. If in doubt, we put our ear to the opening of the barrel and it is possible to hear crackling which are CO2 bubbles, a by-product of MLF. We will watch this barrel carefully to ensure we catch the end of the fermentation. During MLF, the wine is blanketed with the CO2 however when MLF is complete the Casino Dkaplan wine becomes susceptible to oxidation as the CO2 layer begins to diminish, particularly if the barrel is opened. As our preservative free shiraz will not receive the usual dose of sulphur dioxide administered at the end of MLF to act as a preservative and antioxidant, we will need to keep this wine barrel topped (filled to capacity to avoid air contact) and bottled asap. The cooler temperatures we are now experiencing should ensure that MLF will slow down during winter however come spring, fermentation will speed up again so we will need to check the barrel regularly.

Autumn ... a time of change at Tallis Wine

This autumn is a great time of year to be at Tallis Wine. Not only for the changing colours of the season, but to experience the changes that have swept through our winery. Like many small businesses Tallis Wines' humble beginnings had our small team squeezed into Richard and Alice's home office. After several years of invading each others personal space we have finally graduated to our new office. A large crane unloaded the "donger" (yes really) a couple of weeks ago and we loving our spaceous new surrounds, all of which is organised and labelled to within an inch of its life due to our neatness freak, aka T2 (Tanya C). And .... now we only have to touch if we really want to. Another significant milestone is that after six long years, Richard and I have finally graduated from our winemaking degrees, for which everyone around us is thankful, particularly our significant others, Alice and James. Thanks for being so patient with us. Now we are back in the land of the living, enjoying flaunting our achievement and its entitlements, some of the most lucrative being the corner spaces in the new office with north easterly views over the vineyard. If you thought the wines were good previously, wait until you see what we are capable of now!!!

Have your say on the Tallis Wine blog

Unless you've had your head buried in the sand the last few years, you couldn't help but hear the terms blog, twitter and online forums being thrown around. Cyberland has become the way we keep ourselves informed and in touch with what interests us and it's a way of making social contact with other like-minded people on the topics or interests we are passionate about. We noticed there are loads of wine blogs that review wines but not as many cover a broad range of wine topics ... and so the Tallis Wine blog was born. Add a bookmark to the Tallis Wine blog and visit us often. We will cover all the bases including winemaking and viticultural issues for the technical types among us, a getting into wine section aimed at the beginner, wine appreciation, reviews, food and wine matching, recipes, current wine industry news and a fact or fiction page. Whether you agree or disagree with what we write, voice your opinion and exchange banter with other wineophiles. Don't be shy, join in and have some fun.