Introducing the Tallis Preservative Free Shiraz

Does even one glass of wine have you sneezing into your soup? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Congestion, runny nose, itchy eyes, flushed cheeks and pounding headaches are just some of reactions heard from as much as 10% of the wine drinking population. This drink, while simultaneously touted for its health benefits can also be blamed for its tortuous side effects. The culprit? Quite possibly, sulphur dioxide, the preservative used in nearly all wines produced in Australia. Especially among asthmatics, sulphur dioxide act as an irritant to the nose and lungs in a similar way as cigarette smoke and perfume can.

Alcohol, the by-product of primary fermentation in winemaking, is a natural preservative in wine however most wines also contain an added preservative in the form of sulphur dioxide. This acts to protect the wine from oxidation and microbial spoilage. The quantity of sulphur dioxide added in normal winemaking practices are at levels virtually undetectable to most people, however to a small portion of the population sensitive to additives or asthmatics sulphur dioxide can be quite dangerous. Not surprisingly, over the years we have received requests from these people about the availability of a low preservative or preservative casino francais en ligne free wine, and in 2009 our first preservative free shiraz was underway.

In the lead up to our 2009 vintage we selected a parcel of shiraz grapes which were in excellent condition with high natural acidity. We hand picked these grapes and sent them through our crusher to a fermenter with extreme care. We pressed the grapes midway through the fermentation to ensure an adequate carbon dioxide cover during the pressing process. We completed fermentation under additional gas cover then sent the wine off to barrel immediately to ensure its protection. We inoculated the barrel with a malo-lactic culture and monitored the secondary fermentation closely. When the malo-lactic fermentation was complete we bottled the wine immediately, again under a gas cover, to ensure the wine was protected from oxidation. We allowed the wine to settle in bottle for a couple of months and now it is ready for release.

Tallis Preservative Free Shiraz 2009 Inky in colour with deep purple hues. An appealing bouquet of blackberry, spice and a whisper of sweet oak. The palate is soft and round with dark berry fruits and fine grained tannins providing palate weight. A clean acid line adds to the balance and length of flavour. Enjoy this wine in its youth.