2013 Spring New Release Wines

Riesling bottle and glass resized  

With Spring on our doorstep it's the perfect time to sample our 2013 new vintage wines including the 2013 Riesling, Rose & Viognier. The Sparkling Viognier will be ready for release during Spring and the red available from late summer. The 2013 Dookie Hills Rose will be released at the Cellar Door the first week in Spring and the 2013 Riesling & Viognier will be released to our Tallisman Members in their next tasting pack.

We are really excited about the varietal fruit concentration and zesty acidity in our Spring new releases and can't wait to hear what you think.

Three stars for Tallis Dookie Hills Viognier 2010

In the Winestate Magazine Central & Western Victoria tasting recently our 2010 Viognier was awarded 3 stars. Apricot and pineapple aromas meet honeysuckle and green pear on the palate of this wine. A hint of barrel-fermented nuttiness adds complexity and palate weight kept in check by crisp acidity.

Fabulous on its own or wonderful with seafood and summer salads. Call us now on 03 5823 5383 to have this stunning wine on your festive table this Christmas.

Follow the season

Our vineyard changes dramatically with every season

From budburst and veraison through harvest to dormancy we will follow the season in the vineyard.

June 2009

The vineyard is once again a hive of activity. The vines are dormant during winter making June and July the optimum time for pruning. Grapevines are pruned for a number of reasons including maintenance of the vine shape and training system and selection of the fruiting wood however the main purpose is to regulate yields from the vine. If too many fruiting buds are left on a vine, the vine will try to produce too much fruit leading to overcropping. A consequence of this may be under-ripe fruit and dilution of flavour, aroma and colour.

At Tallis Wine we spur prune our vines. Two permanent cordons are trained along our trellis system, and along these cordons we remove the previous years fruiting canes which are two years old and any excess one year old canes. Fruit is only produced from the shoots that grow from one year old canes. Therefore we prune these one year old canes back to 2 buds per spur. This leads to production of 4 bunches per spur, so approximately 40 to 60 bunches per vine. We have found this yield just right for the age of our vines and our grapegrowing conditions.

May 2009

May is a fairly quiet time in the vineyard. Vintage is well and truly over in our region and the vines are turning golden and losing their leaves. We will be putting about 400 lambs into the vineyard in the next week or so to keep the Casino Dkaplan weeds under control, which is a far more preferable option than weedicides. Pre-pruning is due to start at the beginning of June. The vines are going into their dormancy stage, so we don't need to worry about water requirements now until the spring.

Great wines .... from the vineyard or winery?

Max & Alex assessing the grapes

Lets start with this old chestnut .... great wines are made in the vineyard, not in the winery.

As a winemaker it pains me to say it, but this one is partly true. Now that I"ve agreed though, the skills of a winemaker are still required to ensure this potential is realised. The old saying goes something like "you can make good or bad wine from good grapes but you can only make bad The Australian online casino providers which are listed on our and partners online casino Australia portals are carefully reviewed on a continuous basis to ensure safe, secure and entertaining game play. wine from bad grapes". A good winemaker can pull a few tricks out of the hat to make the best of a bad vintage of grapes, but the wines will have limited potential. If the fruit intensity isn"t there, it"s never going to have that element in the finished wine, there is no secret additive. It can be propped up with clever oak use and other winemaking strategies but the depth and complexity will be lacking. Put a top quality parcel of fruit in front of a winemaker and the potential for creating an outstanding wine is in the hands of the winemaker and their skills. So on this occasion, as a winemaker I would put it out there that great wines are made in the winery but only with the right ingredients.