A change of guard in the Tallis vineyard

[gallery columns="2"]Recently we farewelled Max Keele after 13 years with Tallis Wine. Max helped plant our original vines and has been a loyal, hardworking part of the team and guardian of the vineyard. We wish Max success as he moves on to other ventures.

As Consultant Viticulturalist we welcome Scott Feldtmann to Tallis Wine. With his many years of experience in local viticulture Scott will bring valuable knowledge and skills to our vineyard and his passion for minimal input viticulture marries well with the Tallis commitment to move towards organic viticulture.

Have your say on the Tallis Wine blog

Unless you've had your head buried in the sand the last few years, you couldn't help but hear the terms blog, twitter and online forums being thrown around. Cyberland has become the way we keep ourselves informed and in touch with what interests us and it's a way of making social contact with other like-minded people on the topics or interests we are passionate about. We noticed there are loads of wine blogs that review wines but not as many cover a broad range of wine topics ... and so the Tallis Wine blog was born. Add a bookmark to the Tallis Wine blog and visit us often. We will cover all the bases including winemaking and viticultural issues for the technical types among us, a getting into wine section aimed at the beginner, wine appreciation, reviews, food and wine matching, recipes, current wine industry news and a fact or fiction page. Whether you agree or disagree with what we write, voice your opinion and exchange banter with other wineophiles. Don't be shy, join in and have some fun.