Susan Johnston - Cellar Door and Corporate Manager

Susan is responsible for all functions and the day-to-day running of our ever growing Tallis cellar door space. 

“My passion is hospitality and regional produce. Fortunately, I work at a winery and I am allowed to specifically call out my fondness for wine. I get enormous pleasure from knowing that people are enjoying our wines, our views and our warm hospitality.”


Jutta Ossenberg - Office Manager

As the Tallis sales and Club manager, Jutta keeps herself busy overseeing the team and systems that support customer communications and fulfillment.

"I've always appreciated the flexibility and variety of this role and I never get tired of the gorgeous vistas on my drive to the office on the Dookie property,"  



Paula Ludeman - Finance

Paula manages money matters for the winery and the Tallis broadacre farm. 

The Tallis office is just over the hill from my home in Dookie. It’s a far cry from the hectic tram commute to a Collins St office tower in my former life as a city-based accountant. This commute is like heaven to me.” 



Wendy - Packing and Distribution

All about Wendy coming soon!

Richard Tallis - Viticulturist and Winemaker

Richard grew up on the property in Dookie where the vineyard and cellar door are located. He knows the land and its geology well.  Richard selects and nurtures Tallis’ wine varietals. 

“We choose our grape varieties because we love them and they have a special relationship with the terroir and this unique viticultural environment.”



Alice Tallis - Brand Police

Alice supports the public face of Tallis and influences the food and wine direction. Alice fosters the cellar door as a destination for great wine and food as well as her other passions, performing and visual arts.

“I'm a big supporter of regionality and the power it has to help communities thrive.”



Ange Kent - Marketing & Communications

Ange supports the team by developing ideas and materials that reflect the nuance of the brand and the philosophy of Tallis’ wine and hospitality.

“When I first visited the cellar door I felt like I’d discovered a secret corner of Victoria now I know I'm  get the impression others experience this too!"