Dookie Hills Sparkling Viognier

Pronounced: vee-oh-nee-ay.  Appearance: Pale white gold colour, fine bead.  Nose: Musk, melon, tropical fruits, fresh apple, ripe apricot, biscuity.  Palate: Creamy, citrus notes, pear, apple, honeysuckle, delicate mouth feel.

Dookie Hills Riesling

Pronounced: rees-ling.  Appearance: White gold - clear & bright.  Nose: Buttery pear, cantaloupe, citrus blossom.  Palate: Light to medium body, fresh crisp nashi, vibrant minerality, lemon & lengthy pink grapefruit finish.

Dookie Hills Viognier  

Pronounced: vee-oh-nee-ay.  Appearance: Pale yellow gold colour.  Nose: Coconut, lime, pineapple, apricot, honeysuckle.  Palate: Medium to full body, pear, pineapple, fresh apricot.

Dookie Hills Late Harvest Riesling  

Pronounced: rees-ling.  Appearance: Pale straw colour.  Nose: Tropical fruit, hint of musk, honeydew, kiwi fruit, lime.  Palate: Crisp fresh, touch of sweetness, quince, minerality, musk finish, honeydew, passionfruit.

Dookie Hills Botrytis Riesling 2012 

Pronounced: boh-try-tis rees-ling.  Appearance: Deep yellow.  Nose: Candied cumquat, citrus marmalade.  Palate: Luscious, sticky, poached quince, honey, hint of spice.


Dookie Hills Rose  

Pronounced: rose-ay.  Appearance: Rose gold.  Nose: Confectionery, strawberries & cream, rosewater.  Palate: Luxurious, soft with a touch of sweetness, berry & musk.

Dookie Hills Sangiovese 

Pronounced: san-joh-vay-zeh.  Appearance: Rich garnet.  Nose: Spiced cherry, cinnamon, cigar box.  Palate: Red berries, cherry, cinnamon with a fine dusty tannin.

Dookie Hills Merlot

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Dookie Hills Cabernet Sauvignon

Pronounced: cab-er-nay.  Appearance: Deep rich mahogany.  Nose: Savoury, cigar box, earthy eucalypt, spicy plum.  Palate: Juicy plum, rich chocolate, toasty coffee, mixed spice, delicious lengthy finish.

Dookie Hills Shiraz 

Pronounced: sheer-as.  Appearance: Violet hue, deep ruby red body.  Nose: Port berry jelly, earthy, jasmine, cinnamon, dark cherry, eucalyptus/menthol, blackcurrant, dark chocolate.  Palate: Full body, earthy, black pepper, velvety tannin, toffee finish.  

Silent Showman Shiraz 

Pronounced: sheer-as.  Appearance: Dense, dark.  Nose: Red beries, spice, hints of cedar.  Palate: Berry plum, mocha, toasty oak finish.  

Silent Showman Shiraz Viognier

Pronounced: sheer-as vee-oh-nee-ay.  Appearance: Dense, dark.  Nose: Floral, rosewater, dark cherry, plum, leather, hint of pepper, earthy.  Palate: Cedar, vanilla, fine tannin, lingering fruit finish.