Geologists, academics, farmers, and locals who know Dookie, all marvel at the fabric of the deep volcanic, rich Cambrian soil and regional terroir.



There is magic in the loam in which our vines grow. The quality of the earth, climate and the mesoclimate of flora and fauna around our vines combine to make an ideal foundation for winemaking. Our philosophy is that great wines are made in the vineyard and careful nurturing of our vines will lead to the creation of wines of integrity and quality. In our viticulture, we are attentive to the grapes as they form and ripen but we don’t need to meddle with the growing cycle or pressure the vines for greater yields. 

It’s our absolute privilege to produce varied wines from this special place and share them with you.  




  • Vines planted in 1997
  • First harvest 2000
  • Today 24 ha of vines
  • Approx 6-8 tonne/ha yearly depending on seasonal factors.


  • Shiraz 14 ha
  • Cabernet 5 ha
  • Merlot .7 ha
  • Nebbiolo 
  • Barbera 
  • Sangiovese .3 ha
  • Viognier 2 ha
  • Riesling 1.7 ha


  • Victor Nash
  • Sam Plunkett
  • Ben Rose